Michael Miskin Psychotherapy

What is Reichian Therapy?

Reichian Therapy is the systematic resolution of the individual’s physical and character armour. Armouring is the totality of one’s defenses formed in childhood in response to hurt, deprivation, etc. One might think of the armouring as a compensatory self which protects but masks and inhibits the real self (or core). The therapy process dissolves the armour allowing full and genuine self-expression.

Most often, armouring leads to typical neurotic expressions: self-consciousness, insecurity, guilt feelings, confusion, difficulties establishing fulfilling relationships or secure meaningful work, etc., regardless of more overt symptoms, like depression or anxiety attacks.

Therapy works on many levels: past, present and future; conscious and unconscious; physical, emotional, spiritual. Nonetheless, the primary goal at the physical level is to restore full natural respiration and the capacity to experience pleasurable sensations and the joy of life. Psychologically, the goal is to be able to love fully.

The ability to work at all these levels, and especially to go deeper, makes Reichian work unique and is a result of Wilhelm Reich’s comprehensive understanding of the human psyche and body.

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